About the film


Virtual War is set at the nexus of the film/TV industry, the gaming world, and military training medical R&D. Together, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, university researchers, and the US military are transforming the look and feel of war–before, during, and after combat. Virtual War tells the story of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, Mike Farina and Jerry Della Salla, who participate in experimental immersive therapies–that utilize virtual reality and live-action role playing on TV studio sets–to cultivate "psychological resilience" and treat PTSD. Told through personal accounts, glimpses of daily life, video diaries, and 360 degree animations, Virtual War immerses the viewer in the experience of war veterans and the aspirations and dreams of the psychologists, gamers, actors, and TV studio producers who create immersive therapies with the aim to alleviate the stress of combat. Through the stories of Mike and Jerry, we get a candid account of the psychological and emotional effects of multiple redeployments and what it means to repeatedly relive combat in simulated scenarios.